About Transform StL


Saint Louis is an amazing city with spectacular architecture, strong communities and most importantly, wonderful, loving people. We definitely have challenges, and the only way to surmount those challenges is to build on what’s working. That starts with Love. It starts with putting the love back in these beautiful buildings we have here in Saint Louis. 

But that’s just the first step… 

When we transform our buildings, we strengthen our communities and empower people who make our communities. Transforming run-down buildings puts money in the pocket of local businesses, contractors and most importantly, generates tax revenue. Transforming a dilapidated building can easily add $1000.00 a year to the city’s real estate tax revenue. Do that 45 times and you've paid a teacher's salary. You can see how that quickly makes a difference in the ability to improve infrastructure, provide services and hire people who help, like teachers. 

Transform StL places an emphasis on using local companies and suppliers whenever possible because that's an important part of building on what’s working in our city. 

Transform StL prides itself on taking on projects that others have passed by in areas that the big developers don’t care about. It’s not just about making money, it’s about creating homes for the wonderful, loving people of Saint Louis to enjoy their future in. To create a future that incorporates the history of the city with a vision of the future. 

Transform StL was created by Jeff Steinmann. 


on transform stl

"In 1999, I moved to St. Louis to be closer to work. I saw the problems.... bad press, bad reputation and lack of pride. But when I looked past that, I saw a vibrant community of wonderful, loving people who care about each other and look out for their neighbors. It’s rich with culture, history and spectacular architecture that can never be reproduced. The people of St. Louis deserve the best and it’s time to take everything that St. Louis has going and make it stronger. We owe it to the future generations of St. Louis to make this city the best it can be."

More about Jeff at jeffsteinmann.com/about-jeff